Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sardine Run corridor opening

The water temperatures in the south are cooling and extending further north east as the days go.Hopefully this water will continue moving and take the Sardines andthe caravan of predators with it.
No good news yet from the St. Lucia area on Mullet. Our team are stillon standby for the event. Thom Peschak has been whiling the days away by diving in the Shark Park and catching up on his book writing. Thom is in the process of compiling a number of books and thus getting to sea is more a relief than a chore for this highly acclaimed photographer.
Today he is in writing mode so we took a day off from the Shark Park. I have seen some of the images and believe that the books will be among the finest manuscripts ever to be published on the marine wondersof our coast.

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