Friday, June 1, 2007

No sign of a Mullet Run so it is off to Shark Park for the film team to complete the second story of their trip!

The team waiting for Mullet Run have packed up for the moment and are on their way to Shark Park to complete the second part of the story. Hopefully something still happens while the team are here over the next 10 days.
As for the Sardine Run there is now a water corridor that is open for the little fish to swim up the coast as far as Kei Mouth. The purse-seine boats have been netting in the East London area so this is a good sign. With the strong North East winds predicted over the next two days we are hopeful that the water temperature will drop even further and extend further up the coast thus giving the sardines and the caravan of predators a good chance of reaching Durban this year. We hope!!!
The visibility is restored at Shark Park and the teams are having a great time. See the reports at

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