Monday, November 10, 2008

Shark Route Team arrives safely in St. Francis Bay for the Chokka-squid spawning:

The Blue Wilderness Shark Route team arrived safely in St. Francis for the annual Chokka-squid closed fishing season. This seasonal spawning peak allows for some exciting diving with the spawning squid and their associated predators. On arrival the team were having tea with top marine predator scientist Dr. Malcolm Smale. Malcolm was called to the beach to do an autopsy on a female ragged tooth shark that had been fished by an angler and left to die on the rocks. Malcolm found that the female ragged tooth had been tagged in KZN and had dropped her litter of two pups. This was the only good news as the shark was now dead and the fisherman's trace was still tangled in her gut.

The team will be out on the water later today to search for the squid egg beds. A frontal system hangs over us so it looks to be a tough day ahead.

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