Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intrepid Adventurer Marc Sluszny visits Shark Park!

The team at Shark Park have been working with Belgian adventurer Marc Sluszny for the past few days. Marc is doing a film on his adventures with sharks. His previous exploits are many and varied but encompass a diverse range of sports from tennis (Davis Cup), motor racing, bungee jumping, BASE jumping, Skysurfing, mountaineering ... you name it and Marc has done it at the highest level - and a great guy to boot!

We have had between two and five tigers, a bull shark and between 20 and 60 blacktips. The visibility has dropped steadily over the last two days but the activity has been fantastic. We have one more day at Shark Park with Marc and then we are off on the Shark Route to show him the other sharks of the east coast of Africa!

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