Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shark Route teams host Carte Blanche team at Sardine Run 2009:

The team on Sardine Run 2009 had the privilege of hosting the Carte Blanche team headed by Derek Watts this past week. The team managed to get some great footage and hopefully this will contribute to a quality piece for the multi-award winning Carte Blanche team.

The activity has been slow for the past two days and we are all still waiting for the push by the bigger shoals of sardines through the Hamburg area. Despite a flurry of very small mixed shoals of sardines and red eye in the north eastern Transkei area from Port St. Johns to Mtentu for a day things have yet again gone very quiet along the entire north eastern Transkei coast. At the very least this fits the pattern of 2004 when the sardines only got there on the 24th June.

As we sit at the gateway to the Sardine Run out of East London we are certainly hoping for some major action soon!

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