Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shark Route teams have seen 13 species of shark in one location so far!

The teams on Shark Route have had mixed success over the last few weeks. The teams in the north have either had phenomenal conditions and great sharks or poor conditions and poor sharks. The teams in the south have so far racked up 13 species of shark and had up to 7 species in a day. The unseasonally bad weather and water conditions have made it difficult however.
The current team in the south had 7 species of shark on their first day narrowly missing out on two further species (mako and hammerhead - seen in the area 30 minutes after our departure from the area) and ten only two species today as an earlier than predicted wind came through and chased the teams off the water. Thus despite the poor visibility the shark species abundance in the south appears to be assured and with the hopes of better visibility going forward perhaps we can add a few more species to the list before we leave the south.

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